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Digital Menus

Making dining experience great again

The best menu solution for today’s contactless consumer environment. Heelo QR Digital Menus are easy to implement and provides a fast and effective way to deploy contactless digital menus.

QR Code
Digital Check-Ins

Customer check-in and tracing solution

100% contactless QR Code solution for securely sharing information between customers and businesses for check-in and contact tracing purposes.

Why Heelo Digital Menus & Check-Ins?

Bars and restaurants are now heading towards a new way of doing business. Meeting the safety expectations of their customers and employees are of paramount importance. With Heelo’s QR Code Digital Menus & Check-Ins, we can help you achieve this goal and get your business up and running.

Save Time

Time is precious. Fast and easy digital menu & check-in set up and management.

Social Distance

Keep your customers and employees at safe distance with digital menus & check-ins.

Mobile Friendly

Digital menus & check-ins that are mobile friendly and ease to use.

How Digital Menus Work

Customers can view your digital menu in 3 easy steps.

1. Scan QR

Scan the QR code on the tabletop sign or sticker using the phone’s camera app or other scanning app.

2. Open Menu

Option to download the Heelo app to open the menu or open directly in the browser.

3. View Menu

If the customer downloads the Heelo app, the menu will be delivered instantly via installed restaurant beacons.

If the customer decides to view the menu in their browser, the menu will be viewable on custom URL on the website.

How Digital Check-Ins Work

Our QR Code Digital Check-Ins securely collects customer information in 3 easy steps:

  1. Scan the QR code using the phone’s camera app or other scanning app.
  2. Customer is taken to our Digital Check-In portal.
  3. Customer submits their contact information.

Each customer information is time-stamped and securely stored on our cloud server and easily retrieved for contact tracing purposes when required.

QR Code Digital Check-In and Contact Tracing Privacy Policy

We collect visitors phone number, name, and time of check in. This information is securely stored, and then automatically deleted after 30 days.

This information is collected for contact tracing purposes only. The information is stored securely and will only be used in order to alert visitors directly in case of suspected COVID-19 exposure, or provided to government authorities under similar conditions.

All visitor data is automatically deleted after 30 days. After deletion, data cannot be restored by Heelo or businesses that utilize the Heelo application.

Visitor information is stored securely, but is accessible to Heelo or the business for the sole purpose of contact tracing. Heelo or the business have the right to share visitor information with government authorities if requested. Heelo or the business may not use any of visitor information for marketing, sales, analysis, or any other function unrelated to contact tracing.

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