Leading tech builder, Bone Structure signs a one year deal with Heelo™

Toronto, ON, May 15, 2019 – Heelo™ is very pleased to announce a one year purchase agreement with Bone Structure (BONE) of Montreal Canada. BONE plans to pilot and deploy Heelo™’s enterprise solution at their build sites around the world.

Bone has a technological building system derived from aerospace engineers and is patented in 25 countries. BONE is gaining huge recognition for their superior designs and builds that are not only very attractive but very energy efficient. Heelo™ will be used both indoor and outdoor to provide key information about the homes, site and area maps etc. Also to engage customers with access to virtual tours, key features and much more. BONE provides educational tours about their technology at most build sites with up coming tours in California USA and B.C. Canada. Heelo™’s first install was for a BONE construction project in Burlington that was show cased April 26th to 28th.

Roy Choi, CEO of Heelo™ comments:
“I am delighted that Heelo™ will be part of Bone Structure’s omni channel marketing plans. Bone Structure recognizes the importance of being a technological leader in everything they do. Heelo™ can help them achieve those goals at their build sites and when it comes to customer engagement.”

Stephan Belina, Director of Sales at Bone Structure commented:
“ I soon realized the potential of Heelo™ to pilot and maximize sales events, developments and job sites.”

The BONE Structure® steel construction technology combines the advantages of a post-and- beam structure with an integrated energy efficient solution for the thermal envelope. BONE Structure Homes are Net Zero Energy Ready and can easily reach LEED or PassivHaus Certifications. Our in-house team of engineers and designers is dedicated to innovation, research and development. Lessons learned on each project are continuously used to improve our products and processes. We strive to stay at the spearhead of our industry and provide architects with better tools and building solutions to design striking and timeless buildings.

About Heelo™

Heelo™ is a leading location based marketing and advertising network that uses leading edge ping technology as an indoor positioning system to build its mobile audience, deploy SMB offerings and deliver advertising campaigns. Heelo™ is planning its commercial stage of development and growth after successfully engaging over 700 customers and 15,000 mobile users in early trials.

All campaigns and real time offerings are delivered by the Heelo Experience™ campaign management platform which offers complete data management and reporting. Heelo™ applies several data visualization perspectives to help retailers and advertisers create real time actionable campaigns.

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Ron Struthers, Investor Relations, Corporate Analyst

William Kim, VP Operations and Marketing

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