Mobile Domination

We are witnessing a major wave of change in the global market space. Mobile is expected to contribute $5 Trillion GDP in the coming years. Don’t get left behind!


Number of beacons deployed globally by 2020.
– GeoMarketing –

$ Trillion

Mobile device users and mobile advertising contribution to GDP by 2024.
– GSMA –


Mobile phone users will spend an average of over 4 hours a day on their phones in 2020.
– eMarketer –

Market Validation

Smartphones have become the driving force behind m-commerce growth. US volume is poised to increase from $128.4 billion in 2019 to $418.9 billion through 2024.
– BI Intelligence –

Market Size

Mobile advertising has been rapidly growing in the past couple of years. In 2019, mobile advertising spending worldwide amounted to 189 billion U.S. dollars and it is expected to surpass 240 billion dollars by 2022.
– eMarketer –

$ Billion

Global ad spend 2020
– eMarketer –

$ Billion

Global digital ad spend 2020
– eMarketer –

$ Billion

Global mobile ad spend 2020
– eMarketer –

% Ad Spend

% of digital ad spend on mobile 2020
– eMarketer –

Key Mobile Stats

All stats are sourced from Quoracreative 2020.


of customers use their mobile phones while making a decision about purchasing in-store.


of people surveyed said a good mobile experience improves the opinion of a brand.


of buyers use mobile as the first point of contact to start their search.


of people read reviews of all purchases on their mobile phones.


of buyers used their mobiles inside a store for product reviews, price comparison, and alternative options and other store locations.


of consumers are put off with a business after a bad mobile experience.


of consumers go to competitors, after a bad mobile experience.


of people use their mobiles for price comparison.

Tremendous Potential

Beacons to deliver 1.6B coupons annually by 2020.
– Retail Dive –

Mobile Shift

Markets are currently undergoing an extremely dramatic shift toward mobile advertising networks.

Mobile Sales

As more consumers use their mobile devices to find better retail deals, proximity beacons will become a significant contributor of mobile sales.

Consumer Reach

Mobile advertising allow new methods of reaching consumers through proximity services such as beacon messages.

Game Changer

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