Heelo™ Welcomes Scott Sutherland as New Strategic Advisor

Toronto, ON, February 23, 2021 – Heelo Coupons Inc. is proud to announce Scott Sutherland to the Heelo Strategic Advisors team. Scott brings with him over 25 yrs in the Caribbean, Central America and South Pacific managing two different Water Bottling Companies. Constructing, developing and managing an expansive N.P.O. sports center as well as holding several different executive positions within Resorts & Management companies. He is currently a Consultant and Luxury Real Estate Agent.

About Heelo Coupons Inc.

Heelo is a leading location based marketing and advertising network that uses leading edge beacon technology as an indoor positioning system to build its mobile audience, deploy SMB offerings and deliver advertising campaigns. Heelo is deploying its commercial products across many vertical markets outside restaurants and fast food chains.

All campaigns and real time offerings are delivered by the Heelo campaign management platform which offers complete data management and reporting. Heelo applies several data visualization perspectives to help retailers and advertisers create real time actionable campaigns. http://www.heelocoupons.com/

Press Contact:

Ron Struthers, Investor Relations, Corporate Analyst

William Kim, VP Operations and Marketing

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