Heelo™ Supports Victorian Order of Nurses Middlesex-Elgin with Local Contribution

London, ON, June 24, 2020

Heelo is proud to announce that a contribution has been made to the Victorian Order of Nurses Middlesex-Elgin staff recognition program and will be part of a summer staff recognition. Supporting front line workers in this way is important to Heelo and coincides with our program to help our local businesses get on the Heelo mobile app. Heelo is the fastest growing app for discovering local restaurants and exploring new ways to save when dining out.

Victorian Order of Nurses staff are working daily to support our communities and those in need, this contribution provides a small thank you to those individuals, and coupled with the existing Victorian Order of Nurses recognition programs, extends the thank you. “I have had direct experience with the difference Victorian Order of Nurses can make in a person’s life, so glad they are there.” Said Michael Bell, a Heelo advisor now living in London, “these are in many ways frontline workers that don’t have the profile of the others we celebrate daily. Victorian Order of Nurses staff are responsible for service delivery in our communities, pandemic or not, they play an important role every day.” Thanks to all Victorian Order of Nurses staff for the work you do in our communities!

Victorian Order of Nurses Middlesex-Elgin
1151 Florence St, Suite 100
London, ON N5W 2M7 CA
T: 519-659-2273 or 1-866-559-5532

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