Heelo™ Launches NotifyM Website For All Business Types to Engage in Proximity Marketing

Toronto, ON, April 23, 2020

Heelo Coupons Inc. is proud to announce the new NotifyM website (www.notifym.com) for Businesses small and large to adopt the NotifyM proximity marketing platform. NotifyM is a leading edge proximity marketing platform using the latest bluetooth beacon technologies and Heelo’s secure cloud-based ping system to deliver the most accurate on-site customer engagement solution. The platform will utilize Heelo’s NotifyM mobile app available for IOS and Android devices.

Roy Choi, CEO of Heelo Inc., comments: “Our flagship Heelo App in the casual food service industry continues to expand with 1,000s of new restaurants signed up on the platform across North America. Due to Covid19 most businesses small and large are using the down time to plan their reopening and looking at new mobile technology. Interest in Heelo and NotifyM platforms has never been more robust as a ready to use and proven mobile advertising solution that will make a difference. We look forward to helping every business we can reach out and build back up their customer base. The new web site will help with marketing NotifyM and get business started by signing up. This is just one of many new initiatives that are forthcoming that will help business get back on their feet and position them with Heelo for a better future.”

How It Works

NotifyM makes on-site customer experience more engaging by instantly providing them with the latest “in-the-moment” content from participating businesses. NotifyM’s Beacon Ping System is superior to geo-location in terms of security and precision. In addition, multiple beacons can be deployed within a single space for hyper-localized content delivery.

This all works in 4 easy steps:

  1. An on-site NotifyM proximity beacon sends a signal to the customer’s phone.
  2. The NotifyM app on the customer’s phone instantly picks up the signal.
  3. The NotifyM app delivers the signal to the cloud and retrieves the message.
  4. The message is sent to the customer’s phone. All of this happens within a few seconds.

About Heelo Coupons Inc.

Heelo is a leading proximity based marketing and advertising network that uses the latest BLE beacon technology as an indoor positioning system to build its mobile audience, deploy SMB offerings and deliver advertising campaigns. Heelo is planning its commercial stage of development and growth after successfully engaging over 700 customers and 15,000 mobile users in early trials. All campaigns and offerings are delivered by the Heelo Smart Advertising platform which takes a complete 360 approach to the way real-time actionable campaigns, data management and reporting are utilized on beacon and smartphone technologies through our branded apps. http://www.heelocoupons.com/

Press Contact:

Ron Struthers, Investor Relations, Corporate Analyst

William Kim, VP Operations and Marketing

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