Heelo™ Launches COVID-19 Management and Compliance Solution for Government and Health Organizations Worldwide

Toronto, ON, March 24, 2020

Heelo is proud to announce a proactive solution to help contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Heelo is traditionally a mobile proximity advertising and marketing app, built with a cloud-based platform capable of delivering high volume of precise notifications by leveraging beacon technology. The platform is highly adaptable to many vertical markets that require accurate messaging and deployment management. Heelo is calling this solution ‘HeeloHealth’; its core features have already been optimized and tested for the intended purpose. The company can apply additional changes to HeeloHealth and offer custom communication, mass notification or patient monitoring/compliance solutions.

Roy Choi, CEO of Heelo Coupons Inc., comments: “I am very proud of Heelo in developing the HeeloHealth solution to assist the brave healthcare workers to contain the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis. At Heelo, we believe our apps can go beyond its commercial use and be an integral tool to help the world in these times of uncertainty.

Asian countries have used a combination of technology and rapid response testing and tracking to prevent the aggressive spread of this virus in their countries. South Korea has used a similar mobile app solution to HeeloHealth and it has proven to be an effective tool to help infected individuals receive timely information on self-checkups and the ability for the government to monitor compliance of restricted movement. Singapore was the 3rd country outside of China to report COVID-19 cases but has since contained the virus and is looked upon as a model for success, praised by the World Health Organization. Among other things, Singapore has used a mobile app called Trace Together that is also similar to HeeloHealth and it has been an effective communication, notification, monitoring and compliance tool for the Singaporeans and their government.

If we are to make a difference, we hope this news release and the adoption of the HeeloHealth solution spreads quicker than COVID-19. Heelo is standing by, ready to help. There is no time for organizations to develop something, there is no need to wait, there is only a need to act.”

How It Works

Potential and confirmed COVID-19 patients would download the HeeloHealth app. Health officials would then set up a patient profile on the Heelo platform with the patient’s personal information as required. The platform will send personalized messages, instructions, test results, ‘next-steps’ and other notifications the health officials deem necessary to individuals or groups. The HeeloHealth app, using GPS and other methods, will then ensure patient quarantine compliance with random check-ins to ensure they stay within their quarantine location. Additional compliance measures can be enabled in the HeeloHealth app at the health organization’s request. For example, a deterrent measure for confirmed patients who are not complying with self-quarantine instructions. This has been a successful approach in containing the COVID-19 outbreak in several Asian countries.

About Heelo Coupons Inc.

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