Heelo™ enters medical vertical through U.S. cannabis sector

Toronto, ON, Jan, 29, 2019 – Heelo™ is very pleased to announce a purchase agreement with Syndikos LLC, DBA Compassionate Certification Centers (CCC) of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Under the 27 month agreement, Heelo™ will initially be installed in 8 of CCC’s cannabis medical centers in Pennsylvania. Another 12 CCC medical centers are planned for installation, soon after in PA, CA, FL, MI, NY and OH. CCC is planning expansion across the U.S. that would also install the Heelo™ platform. The first installs are scheduled for early February.

In the U.S. medical cannabis users must first obtain a certification card from a qualified physician before they can obtain cannabis from a dispensary. In 2017 approximately 1.6 million medical cannabis cards were issued in the U.S. Currently, 35,000 patients are registered for Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program, with an estimated 200,000 patients who qualify. The fifth-largest state in the country, Pennsylvania dispensary sales has the potential to exceed $100 million annually in the next few years.

Roy Choi, CEO of Heelo™ comments:
“CCC’s expansion strategies are aligned with Heelo™, making them the perfect partner for Heelo™ to enter the medical cannabis market in the U.S. They are the only physician owned company with the ability to open centers in any legalized state. CCC has a dominant position in Pennsylvania and are expanding their locations in Florida, NY and Ohio as well into the 33 states that have legalized medical use. CCC has over 2 years experience deploying beacon technology in the medical and cannabis sector making their insights invaluable. Heelo™ will be replacing their current beacon platform and installing Heelo™ in new locations”.

Melonie Kotchey, CEO and founder of Compassionate Certification Centers comments:
“Marketing in Cannabis requires thinking outside the box, Heelo™ provides an extremely versatile system that is user friendly in the cannabis space. We are thrilled to begin using Heelo™!”

About Compassionate Certification Centers®

Compassionate Certification Centers is a unique company devoted to assisting U.S. citizens who desire access to medical marijuana in a way that respects the laws and guidelines of each state law. Our approach involves convenient cannabis treatment center locations, provides nursing CBD/THC consultation and care, and proof of compliance for the respective Department of Health or Pharmacy depending on the state.

Compassionate Certification Centers goal is to create a network of care centers with a retail component in every region of the country. CCC is dedicated to serving the needs of all patients who want to take advantage of our medical cannabis, CBD products, or services. We offer a patient-friendly experience in a comfortable and supportive environment. Our team of experts will inform, educate and guide patients, from obtaining a Medical Card to an overall improved quality of life. For information, visit compassionatecertificationcenters.com or join the discussion at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.

About Heelo™

Heelo™ is a leading location based marketing and advertising network that uses leading edge ping technology as an indoor positioning system to build its mobile audience, deploy SMB offerings and deliver advertising campaigns. Heelo™ is planning its commercial stage of development and growth after successfully engaging over 700 customers and 15,000 mobile users in early trials.

All campaigns and real time offerings are delivered by the Heelo Experience™ campaign management platform which offers complete data management and reporting. Heelo™ applies several data visualization perspectives to help retailers and advertisers create real time actionable campaigns.

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William Kim, VP Operations and Marketing

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