Couponing with a twist: Upper Oakville Shopping Centre launches NotifyM proximity marketing to engage back to school shoppers

Toronto, ON, September 2, 2021 – While online shopping was already growing in popularity, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated its proliferation even more. For example, a recent survey* found that 59 per cent of Canadians were shopping online more than they had before the pandemic.

This shift means brick and mortar retailers are looking for innovative ways to attract and retain shoppers and increase sales.

That’s why the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre has launched NotifyM, to help its merchants and restaurants convert customers through mobile marketing, beacon notifications and real-time offer opportunities during the busy back to school shopping season.

By educating merchants, adding a QR code to local flyers and cling vinyls to storefronts, as well as a $5 incentive for early adopters, the shopping centre is engaging active local shoppers. Ongoing marketing will include beacon alerts delivered on-site and push notifications for opt-in users, initiating enough activity to encourage use without bombarding shoppers with too many alerts.

“By survey, we know our shoppers visit an average of 1.5 tenants per visit. Moving the needle above two would make a significant impact for our smaller retailers” says shopping centre manager Megan Richardson. “It’s a matter of educating shoppers about all of the great shops and services we have here, NotifyM gives us something to get excited about and helps drive here, rather than pushing it online.”

NotifyM is a proximity marketing tool that uses beacons, which are small Bluetooth radio transmitters that send information to nearby mobile devices. They offer a simple way for marketers to share timely, targeted messages with customers based on their physical location. NotifyM lets shoppers receive flyers, product recommendations and deals when within a beacon-enabled space, increasing “in-the-moment” customer engagement and driving sales. With a simple mobile app, customers can view, manage and redeem promotional offers as they shop.

“Mobile marketing tools provide retailers an additional channel to reach consumers. Activation is key, and NotifyM proximity offers small business owners a suite of tools that can drive activations in real time during the onsite shopping experience. Our messaging reaches engaged shoppers, instore, and when opted in, strategically offsite. The dashboard provides a business owner excellent performance analytics.” Michael Bell, VP Channel Markets Heelo/NotifyM 

The technology also allows retailers and the shopping centre to track important data, such as shopping habits and preferences, demographics and what items are often purchased together. Conversion and interaction data is recorded in real time. For example, does the $5 off deal work as well as the 20% off coupon?Dashboard tools allow quick updates in real time with exportable csv reports.

While paper flyers, in-store samples and staff sales techniques can boost sales, statistics show that beacon technologies further boost engagement and convert shoppers. For example:

  • About 60% of shoppers open and engage with beacon triggered content and about 30% of those redeem a beacon offer. Source: eMarketer
  • 79 per cent of shoppers who received a push notification on their smartphone in the past six months made at least one purchase as a result. Source: eMarketer
  • Retailers using location-based technologies saw a 56% increase in the frequency of customer visits. Source: eMarketer

About Heelo Coupons Inc.

Heelo is a leading location based marketing and advertising network that uses leading edge beacon technology as an indoor positioning system to build its mobile audience, deploy SMB offerings and deliver advertising campaigns. Heelo is deploying its commercial products across many vertical markets outside restaurants and fast food chains.

All campaigns and real time offerings are delivered by the Heelo campaign management platform which offers complete data management and reporting. Heelo applies several data visualization perspectives to help retailers and advertisers create real time actionable campaigns.

For more information, please contact:
Michael Bell, VP Channel Markets Heelo/NotifyM