Heelo™ corporate update, website and platform upgrades

Toronto, ON, June 4, 2019 – Heelo Inc. has added increased functionality to Heelo™’s powerful platform consisting of a beacon multi channel feature.

Beacon multi channel allows businesses to execute more than one ad or promotion simultaneously on a single beacon. This will give any business small or large more flexibility and performance while increasing the potential revenue stream per beacon. Canlan Ice Sports will be the first Heelo customer to use multi channel.

On the corporate front, Heelo has moved two strategic advisors to full time sales positions and has opened a technology development office in Mississauga Ontario. The corporate website heelocoupons.com and consumer website heelo.mobi have been revamped. Please visit to learn all the latest about Heelo.

Roy Choi, CEO of Heelo™ comments:
“We have listened to our customers and future ones that helped us tailor these new functions to the Heelo experience. Our recent signing with Canlan Ice Sports will be the first to utilize multi channel. We now have a very robust in house technology team that will be instrumental in rolling out future new features and improvements, ensuring we stay well ahead of any competition, maintaining our leading position. Our sales force has been maturing and refining the Heelo sales strategy and now utilize dozens of skeleton presentations tailored to certain business areas and vertical markets. There are numerous large enterprise type customers in our sales pipeline and I look forward to closing more contracts in the weeks and months ahead.”

About Heelo™

Heelo™ is a leading location based marketing and advertising network that uses leading edge ping technology as an indoor positioning system to build its mobile audience, deploy SMB offerings and deliver advertising campaigns. Heelo™ is planning its commercial stage of development and growth after successfully engaging over 700 customers and 15,000 mobile users in early trials.

All campaigns and real time offerings are delivered by the Heelo Experience™ campaign management platform which offers complete data management and reporting. Heelo™ applies several data visualization perspectives to help retailers and advertisers create real time actionable campaigns.

Press Contact:

Ron Struthers, Investor Relations, Corporate Analyst

William Kim, VP Operations and Marketing

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