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Brave new world of digital engagement.


Welcome to a whole new world of real-time proximity marketing to reach and engage your consumers.

Heelo - mobile engagement

Heelo™ is the most innovative proximity marketing platform in the fastest growing segment of the digital advertising industry. Heelo™ has a scalable, cloud-based beacon/CRM platform and mobile app that is leading the way in the digital advertising space. Our proximity platform is designed to significantly reduce advertising budgets and increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts. We recognize that everything is moving to mobile; print, TV and radio advertising have become less effective and well over half the consumers dedicate significant amount of their time engaging with mobile devices. Market stats prove they use mobile devices to search and compare before and while they are shopping and, in fact, many do not even see the in-store ads, because they are so engaged with their mobile devices. That is the world we live in and we can help you engage and get their attention.

Heelo™ began development years ago to merge the mobile and proximity technology to deliver a whole new marketing platform that is truely ahead of other technologies. We have also completed extensive market research, development and beta testing to implement the best engagement platform for both businesses and consumers. For businesses the beacon/CRM platform is easy to use and advertisement can be changed or modified in real-time. The real-time statistical reports provide immediate measurement of the effectiveness of ad campaigns and ways to optimize for future deployment. Our mobile app engages and excites consumers at the most critical time while they are shopping in-store or nearby. Consumers love our app because it's simple to use and respects their privacy while saving them time and money. The app's share function can greatly increase the reach of advertisements by allowing consumers to post on social media and share with friends/family.

At Heelo™, our mission is to go beyond the limits of traditional advertising by providing “in-the-moment” engagement to benefit both business growth and consumer satisfaction. When businesses and consumers enage on our proximity platform, we all win.


We have a proven track record of fulfilling the promise of proximity marketing and creating a whole new mobile experience. We're looking towards a brave new world of proximity and mobile synergy and becoming the leader in the digital advertising industry.


Founded in October, 2015 by successful entrepreneur Roy Choi.

Amazing Team

21 member team including advisory from leading Canadian enterprise brands.

Launch Pad

Early traction with over 700 retailers.

Across Canada

Head office in Toronto, ON with a subsidiary office in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Well Funded

Raised over $2M from early stage strategic angels. Closely held private company.

Major Acquisition

Completed acquisition of NotifyM Technologies Inc. on February, 2018.

NotifyM Technologies Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heelo Coupons Inc.

Location Based Technology

We apply location based technology to manage and distribute pent up advertising demand.

Smart IOT

On trend business model leveraging Machine to Machine communications with beacon technology.


Heelo Coupons Inc.
8500 Leslie Street Suite 101
Markham, Ontario L3T 7M8


Phone: 1-905-233-2130
Fax: 1-905-233-2129